American Midnight photo shoot

Wow, I never thought I'd be involved in a photo was a ton of fun. American Midnight is my newest novel, co-authored with Mike Lynch. The reviews I'm getting back on it are really amazing, and it's getting me excited. But I'll save the reviews for another post.

Saturday the 28th we shot the cover girl for the book. Her name is Christine, and she did an absolutely wonderful job!! The photographer was Adam Kazmierski...he's incredibly talented and his work is just amazing. Adam is also putting together the entire cover with additional photographic elements (I'll be posting that some time later in December) You can check out Adam's professional website HERE.

Below are just a smattering of 250 pictures we took...and guess what, we can only pick ONE!

There were dozens more I wanted to put up, but I don't want to overload my blog page. All the pictures above haven't been touched up by Adam, this is just the raw footage...

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