American Midnight, published by Silver Leaf Books, is now available! 

What’s the book about? Read the back cover:

At eighteen, Tania Peters still carries deep scars from her mother’s tragic death, and when she’s betrayed by someone close, pain and confusion threaten to swallow her whole.  But underneath all the hurt, she senses the hand of purpose on her life and finds hope in an exciting new political movement.

The Unity Party seems to offer everything —tolerance, compassion, and a plan to unite society. But not everyone sees the movement as good. Tania’s two brothers, Jeremy and Greg, have become bitter enemies over the ideals of the Party, and her father, a church pastor, fears that this promised “unity” is a threat to churches across the country.

Tania doesn’t share her father’s faith and sees no room for a loving God in the world she’s come to know. Instead, she gains strength from her rising celebrity within the Unity Party, finding friendship, acceptance, and even the first traces of romance. But none of these things can save her when her extremist brother plots to bring down the Unity Party in their home town of Midian.

Pitted between the Party’s utopian promises and the Christian friends and families who find themselves on the outside of this new American dream, Tania must choose between her long dormant faith in God and her future with the Party.

...But that one decision could cost her everything—including her life.

What are the reviewers saying...

"From Page One to The End, novelists Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch capture the readers’ attention and holds them spellbound! American Midnight is a gripping, beautifully-written story that will sometimes (literally!) leave you breathless. I’m adding this one to my ‘Keepers’ shelf!"
--Loree Lough, author of 74 award-winning novels, including the recently-released Tales of the Heart and Prevailing Love

"A modern mix of 1984 and The Hiding Place, American Midnight is thought-provoking and chilling, a clarion call for today's culture."
--Chawna Schroeder, Imagination Investigation

“This latest work from Brandon Barr and Mike Lynch fulfills their promise as authors.  AMERICAN MIDNIGHT is a big, panoramic novel rich with right questions for our era and with characters we can both cheer for and learn from.”
--Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby

''Barr and Lynch are the new dynamic duo of Christian Suspense! What Tim LaHaye and
Jerry Jenkins did for end times writing, Barr and Lynch surpass with American Midnight.  AM is a must read ripped out of today's headlines and masterfully blended with prophetic overtones. Each chapter takes us ever deeper into a web of intrigue...complex and artistically written.  Bible scholar or not Barr and Lynch provide us with not only a great read but also a story that will provoke you to move beyond what you thought was possible.''
--Lisa Collins,

"Torn from tomorrow's headlines, American Midnight is a fast-paced ride with a touch of romance that is sure to hold you enthralled!"
--Amy Deardon, author of A Lever Long Enough

"A riveting political thriller. Barr and Lynch have crafted a convicting and timely tale that will entrance readers of various genres. Be sure to pick up this page-turner at your earliest opportunity...lest time run out all too soon.
--Melissa Meeks, Bibliophile's Retreat

"With conspiracies on every side, suspense, romance and more, American Midnight is a cautionary tale examining family and what it means to take a stand for God.  It handles some difficult questions, but the answers aren't always as neat and pat as we would like."
--Cathi Hassan, Cathi's Chatter

"American Midnight is a non-stop, compelling read. Several times I was running in the wake of the main character’s footsteps, crying with her and cheering her on."
--Paulette Harris, inspirational writer


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on the book. I look forward to reading it and following your blog.

Brandon said...

Hi GODthinker :)
I hope you enjoy it! And of course, feel free to let me know what you think. I love hearing from readers.

Territory Mom said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. I'm going to order the book today. I'm so excited to find your blog.

Brandon said...

Territory Mom,
And thanks for stopping by me and my wife's blog :)
I'm humbled you want to buy my book. I hope you find the story thought provoking and stirring! And please email me and let me know what you think--I love to hear from readers!

Deborah said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. (I hope you'll keep checking back for more deals...) ;o)

Your book sounds like a great read. Congratulations on getting it published!

Brandon said...

HI Deborah, Thanks :)

nannykim said...

Congrats; I will check it out on Amazon.

Brandon said...

Hi Nannykim,
Thanks for stopping by :)

The Gatekeeper said...

Well, wow!!! I will have to check this out. Congrats!

Brandon said...

HI Gatekeeper,
Thanks for stopping by :) And thanks for befriending our blog!

Miss Riya said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. Of course we immediately read both of your profiles, because we don't receive many comments from bloggers that we don't actually know. No offense, but it's a scary world out there.

We had to laugh, because your lists of favorite music and books is very similar to what my husband's & daughter's would look like, if they were to write them out.

Sorry so long winded. We had no intention of high-jacking your blog. We actually wanted to know if your book would be appropriate for a 5th grader. She is little, but she has already read most of the books on your fav. list.

Please let us know so we can download it to her "Kindle".
If not we can head down to the old book store and buy a copy for the "mature" members of this family.

~Miss Riya

Shawn Caro said...

Hello Brandon, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I do sell some of the things I make but first and foremost I make most of my pices for gifts and the pure joy of creating something. I wish you well with your book. I will keep an eye out for it at my local Barnes and Noble. -I noticed on your profile you are a believer. So am I. You also have great taste in literature. God Bless, Shawn

Brandon said...

Hi Shawn,
Now that I know are litarary tastes are similar, I get why I liked your art so much ;)
Yep, Jesus is my Lord!

Brandon said...

Hi Miss Rija,
Sounds like your family has read a lot of good books then :)
So your daughter is in 5th grade...well, I think if she is a voracious reader (having read many of the books on my fav list) she should be fine. The two areas in the novel you might be concerned about as parents is 1) the topic of losing ones virginity is broached, and 2) there is a scene involving psychological torture where the government is trying to break the main character, Tania.
But that said, there isn't anything "graphic" in the novel.

If you want to read the first two chapters, they're available online at the publishers website here:

The novel is geared at teens to adults. All the reviewers for the book were in their 30's to 70's

Thanks so much for your interest :) I hope your family enjoys! Let me know what you think when you finish!

Toyin O. said...

Sounds like a great book.