The cover is here!

Alright, here it is, the long awaited cover for American Midnight...

American Midnight teaser:
"A family torn apart, a country under siege from within, terrorist schemes on many levels, and it's all coming to a head in a quiet little town in Iowa." -Cathi Hassan

I have a whole host of great endorsements that will be featured inside the first page of the book. But I'm going to save those for the publication date...don't want to get anyone too excited when the release date isn't yet here.

When is the release date you ask...all I can say is 2010...that might mean February...or it might mean a later month.

Here's a link to my November blog post where I show other pictures taken for the front cover HERE.


Mike Lynch said...


Good job on getting this done. The site looks great.


Brandon said...

Thanks Mike :)

Sarah said...

Hey Brandon!
How/where can I get a hold of your book? It looks awesome!
In Christ,

Brandon said...

Hi Sarah!
It's coming out soon. Hopefully by the end of this month or early March. I'll be sure to post about it on the blog here.
Once American Midnight is out, you'll be able to get it at any local book store like Barnes and Noble, or Borders, or online at Amazon :)

Sarah said...

Sweet, thanks!